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A shop with a biking spirit

My name is Ramiro Sobral and ever since I was a kid I have loved bicycles. I have spent many hours of my life on two wheels, but I never thought that one day I’d be able to make a living out of bikes. The journey started in 2013 when I had the opportunity to open my own bike shop in the centre of Barcelona.

Bicycles that saw the light

It was love at first sight when I initially visited the shop space: the natural stone-walls, the wooden beams, the different rooms and the century old history. First came bike rental; then came my idea to make some lamps, recycling old bicycle parts from my workplace. Soon after this sideline was born I sold the first one. That’s how the project ‘Bicycles that saw the light’ came to fruition.

El Ciclo has become more than just a bike rental and private tour service for tourists (and locals). I sell my handmade collection of lamps that have been hand crafted over time but I also sell other art pieces and accessories, many of which made out of bicycle parts. They have all been carefully selected and created for those bicycle lovers looking for an original souvenir or special gift.

Bamboo bicycles

In the shop window you’ll also find some beautiful bamboo bicycles, which are both for sale and for tours around the city. I also showcase some special bikes from my personal collection, like ‘the Roulandt’, the first recumbent bike to be produced in serie, as well as my private collection of miniature bicycles.

Since opening, El Ciclo has opened its doors for cyclists and people passionate about bikes. We’ve had visitors from all over the world that come and experience Barcelona with our help. If you like cycling, recycling and design, you are more than welcome to pay me a visit. I hope to see you soon, in El Ciclo; a shop with a biking spirit. In the meantime you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

A glimpse of El Ciclo….

This video shows the ‘Campana’. With this lamp I won the Emerging Artist
Award within the Residu’Art Awards 2014 of the Drap-Art Festival 2014.


This video shows my participation in the local television program
‘Ja t’ho faràs’.