Guide and tourists during a bicycle tour in Barcelona

Bamboo bike tour

El Ciclo offers the possibility to discover Barcelona in a unique way: on an exclusive bamboo bicycle! We offer bamboo bike tours in different languages with a personal guide. All our bamboo bike frames are 100% handmade in Argentina. Each bamboo bike is a real eye catcher: you won’t go unnoticed in the streets of Barcelona. For fans of street art we also offer the Barcelona Street Art Tour on our bamboo bicycles.

Our guides are locals who have been living in the Catalan capital for a longer period. They take you to the city’s highlights, but also show you the well-hidden places off the beaten track and those charming spots you might not have discovered by yourself. Of course, they’ll also share their personal favourites with you, so your stay in Barcelona will only get better. All our guides speak English, but we also offer tours in other languages.

Prices start from €34 for a 2-hour bike tour and €44 per person for a 3-hour bike tour. The bicycle rental is included in the price. Ask for child and group discount!

Book a tour

Would you like to book a tour? Please use the contact form on our website, or send us an e-mail to Keep in mind that tours should be reserved up forehand and must always be confirmed. El Ciclo is a small scale bicycle rental and the same goes for the tours we offer. Be on time with your reservation if you want to be sure of your bike tour with El Ciclo.

Bamboo: the eco way

Bamboo is a very light, strong and at the same time flexible type of wood, which works as a natural buffer helping to reduce vibrations and providing a smooth pedal and cycling feeling. Bamboo grows fast, which helps avoiding deforestation. The production of one of these bamboo bikes only takes about 10% of the energy and resources required to fabricate a usual made of other materials.